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Club Standards

Club standards are designed to encourage members to enter more races and try to achieve pre-set standards which will be awarded by the club at its annual awards evening including a special prize. These standards are gender and age specific.
You will be able to submit your times for any official races you have taken part in between 1st January – 31st December 2024, and because I’m so nice you can also submit Parkrun times for your 5km. You cannot however, submit Strava PRs from your normal day to day runs it must be an organised event that is officially timed. Your age category will always be your age on the day of the race.
We will award standard levels for every distance that you compete in, so you will be able to get different standards for different distances. So for example you could be gold for 5k and silver for a half marathon.
You can submit you entries via our club standards entry form 

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