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Saunders Marathon Report - 7th/8th July 2012

posted 11 Nov 2014, 06:43 by Jon Beverley   [ updated 11 Nov 2014, 06:45 ]
Early morning before the event started. Wasdale head with Great Gable in the distance
Starting at Wasdale Head, both teams headed (over different routes) into the fells west of Wast Water returning to the overnight camp at the remote Scalderskew Farm. Despite the terrible long-term forecast the weather stayed dry, leading to a dry and relaxing midcamp. On the Sunday Nick/Phil headed north towards the high ground of the Pillar horseshoe while Ben/Steve headed east up and over Wasdale screes and the western flanks of Scafell providing good mountain running with challenging navigation.

Steve Plackett and Ben Mcquillin were out for 6.29 hours on first day and 5.08 hours on second day. Overall 31st out of 129 competitors in their class (20 teams didn’t manage to complete the course) Nick Bowden and Philip Cooper were out for 4.24 hours on first day and 4.56 hours on second day. Overall 36th out of 130 competitors (13 teams didn’t manage to complete the course)

Competitors are handed a map and a list of 11 grid references at their set starting time on the first day. They then have to plot the grid references on the maps (while the clock is ticking) and decide the best route to get to each of the 11 points and then do it as quickly as possible carrying an overnight pack. It is unlikely that any of the routes follow paths. The points are marked with small orienteering devices and each team has to insert their electronic wrist dibbers into the device which records the exact time the team reached each control point. The 11th control point is where everybody camps.

At the overnight camp, a chance to rest and eat but the amount depends on how much you want to carry. Next day, another map and another set of grid references but a slightly lighter pack as at least some food and fuel have been used.

Some highly tuned athletes after Saunders