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Peak District Weekend 20th May – 23rd May:

posted 14 Jul 2016, 05:00 by Carl Willimott

This is annual weekend away for Reepham Runners, but be warned all newbies welcome but it is not for the faint hearted!  Imagine ale, BBQ, cakes, running several times and some more drinking and eating.

The usual Eyam Half Marathon had been cancelled this year, attempts were made to gain entry for multiple runners for the White Peak Half but sadly it was sold out. Jenni Egmore Club Secretary tried valiantly to secure a deal but was rebuffed. So Jenni and Nick decided why not run a large portion of the route before the official race, so that’s what happened on Saturday the 21st May.

In Hayfield nearby a weekend of Fell races occurs every year as well called 3 days in May. It is open to all at a mere cost of between £3-4 per race. Believe me if you knew how much it hurts in advance you probably would not want to pay more! Last year I completed the Saturday race but this year felt compelled to try 2 races, Leigh Nobes entered and completed all 3.

May Queen Race:

Friday night was the first fell race, it’s a relatively 5K tough route, largely off road with some climbs and fabulous views.  Jo West, Jenni Egmore and Mary Float successfully completed this race, alongside Nick Bowden, Sam Kingston and Leigh Nobes.

Nick Bowden


Leigh Nobes


Sam Kingston


Jenni Egmore


Mary Floate


Jo West


Sam Kingston was so taken by the experience he decided to commit to running the second fell race the following morning. He was advised that the Saturday race was considerably harder with 5.5 miles to cover with 1800 ft climbs to the summit. He was not shakable in his decision.

Reepham Runner’s Version of White Peak Half Marathon:

On Saturday Jenni, Mary, Nick B, Chris, Pete, Pip and Jo West for a portion of the route. Well done to all.


Mount Famine Fell Race:

Leigh, Sam and myself completed the Mount Famine Race. The conditions were not great, it was cooler but the terrain is treacherous and with some intermittent rain made things harder especially on the rocks. As per usual local runners sailed down the hills past us but on any flat we could make some headway.  For the first time since I became a runner I obtained a worse time in a same race. However, in the back of my mind I was thinking what about tomorrow’s alleged ‘sprint’ race.

Leigh Nobes


Sam Kingston


Leona Broughton



White Peak Marathon: 

Shaun Webb had entered the White Peak Marathon and with only a few weeks training behind him he hoped for a 3:30 completing time.  Leigh, Sam and I did not even have time to have a cup of tea post the fell race as we hopped in the Discovery to watch him finish. On arrival at the car park we made the decision to run to the finish line, which was the right decision.

As we were hobbling / walk / running we arrived to see him screaming looking strong, with a truly amazing completion time of 3:15.  What a legend! Shaun came 5th in his overall age category not bad for a Norfolk chap.

Later, when we were all rested and recovered a wonderful evening ensued with great food and drink and lovely company. Jenni had gone to great lengths to ensure all runners who had raced received a medal, which was a very thoughtful and welcome gesture.


Lantern Pike Dash:

Leigh and myself entered this ‘dash’ which is almost a mile and quarter in total with a 600 ft climb. You literally run (walk / bear crawl / complain) up to a monument then sprint (slide / feel the fear) the way back down.

Despite the build up of lactic acid in our quads especially and our general dread when we had an opportunity to survry the route – the monument was a dot on the horizon at the top of a large hill.

It was a ‘dash’ start with stiles to jump over and rivers to cross – by the time I reached the top Leigh was probably nearly home.  A local runner assured me that I needed a secret weapon to help with the downhill. Intrigued I asked for more advice only to realize that he had stashed an empty cement bag down his shorts and proceeded to slide down the hill! I took a few tumbles (my legs were very tired) and slide down without so much control.

Leigh Nobes


Leona Broughton


It was an amazing achievement to complete the fell races, it’s a very different type of running but it is friendly and all local clubs were welcoming to us from Norfolk.  The main problem is the training needed is very difficult to replicate locally. Perhaps next year Ill enter all three.

Sunday was spent resting or travelling back home. Myself, Leigh and Shaun enjoyed an afternoon dirty burger and pints of shandy and tried to ignore all the strange looks we got as we tried to perform basic human functions such as walk, get in and out of the car.

Why put ourselves and bodies through it??  Because you only live once and experiences are everything. Plus it’s amazing what mentally and physically each of us is capable of!

Congratulations to Leigh Nobes who ranked 22nd overall for the 3 Days in May races.