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Norwich Triathlon

posted 19 Jul 2015, 01:08 by Jon Beverley

Another early start, another Olympic distance Triathlon, this time Norwich.

Three swim waves across Whittlingham Broad and I was due to be in the first. Donning my rather fetching purple swim hat I entered the water, realised it was not deep, it was muddy and weedy, nice. The first buoy was literally half a mile away which made it really difficult to spot. We started and as luck would have I did not get bashed by anyone. It did seem a long way to the turn, probably because it was.

Leaving the water I was delighted to see I had done the 1500m in under 27 minutes, a swift transition and onto the bike. It was only then as I watched water stream off my visor that I realised it was raining. It was wet and blustery, not my ideal cycling conditions, and the first half was quite hilly, so it kept the speed down. The second half was a little quicker so I managed to up my pace a bit.

I knew the announcer, so imagine my delight in the second transition when having gone down the wrong line and then fumbling to put some socks on(it was a 10k run) he broadcasts to the assembled masses 'if you look in transition now you can see John Morgan making a right hash of it'. Spurred on waving my fist in the air I exited on to the run and in the first mile got passed by all the people I had passed on the bike, at least that is what it felt like, though I think I may have been lapped by the overall winner. Chastened, feeling it in my legs I was spurred on for my second lap of the lake by overtaking a few people who were on their first lap and struggling to shake off the after effects of the bike. The finish was a very welcome sight after 2 hour and 24 minutes of multi sport activity. It is a super event, well organised, with a wide range of athletic abilities catered for and well over 200 finishers - make a date for next year.