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East Coast Triathlon

posted 19 Apr 2015, 13:40 by Jon Beverley   [ updated 19 Apr 2015, 13:47 ]
I took an early morning drive over to Great Yarmouth today to compete in my first Triathlon.

The East Coast Tri is the first one of the season and is short (super sprint 250m/17km/3km) with a pool based swim so it is a great one for beginners. All of this makes it hugely popular, it normally sells out within a few hours of going on sale. I got on the website as soon as it was released so managed to secure my place.

Then the training began. I have never been a swimmer so I booked in some lessons with Phil and Nick. When I started I could do one length of the 25m pool and then had to have a rest! For the Tri I had to do 10, I thought it was impossible but we started to make progress quite quickly.

We found a great training group up at Sheringham Splash pool (you can find them here if anyone is interested).

When I arrived the sky was grey and there was a gentle but cold wind. I got registered and set up my bike and shoes in transition. Each person is given an individual start time as they start everyone at 30 second intervals into the pool. The order is based on your estimated swim time that you have to submit when you enter so that the slower swimmers dont hold up the faster ones. My start time was 9:30 so I had an hour to wait around to get going, all the time the wind was picking up.

Eventually after what seemed like an age, my start time rolled around. It seems my inability to pace myself carried over to my swimming from my running. Even though I was thinking to myself "don't go out too fast", by half way I was struggling and desperate for the end to come. As soon as it came I almost wished it hadn't as I ran outside into the freezing wind.

Next was the bike leg which was three loop out and back along the seafront heading into the wind first. Once I got going the cold was forgotten and it was just head down and pedal into the wind. Looking at my speed for the bike leg I averaged about 17mph into the wind but 23mph with it behind me! 17km done and onto the run.

Similar to the bike, the run was an out and back along the seafront heading into the wind first (which is probably preferable to the otherway round, I guess).

Going into it I had a time of 55 minutes in mind as a target. I ended up with 52:46 so I was very happy.

Swim - 6:33
T1 - 0:57
Bike - 33:11
T2 - 0:40
Run - 11:23