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Dereham 10 Miles – 8th May 2016

posted 17 May 2016, 04:18 by Carl Willimott

The fifth round of the Leathes Prior Grand Prix series took us to Dereham for their annual 10-mile race. The weather was due to be fine with sunshine. The lead up to the race had seen temperatures try so hard to reach double Celsius figures with 5°C and 6°C being the norm. Richard Dade, Mike Ottley, Leigh Nobes, Tessa Morgan and I were the five Reepham Runners to contest this one with John Morgan giving huge support and official photographer; Craig Farr put in an appearance at the start but his BBQ was calling.

However, upon leaving at 0900 in the morning my car registered 16°C outside temperature and 20°C when I arrived at Dereham – it was getting hot.

The first 3 miles are effectively sloped downwards and we ran into a light head breeze with Dade and Nobes leading the way, followed by Ottley, then me and Tessa completing the Reepham Runners. The water station at 2.5 miles was much needed with fluids taken on by all because at 3 miles we turned left into a country lane with high hedges and no head wind. To say the heat was sapping was an understatement – the next 3 miles took it out of all of us. The temperature had risen to 24°C and was energy sapping. This was not helped by an extended run to the next water station at 6 miles. I think we all stopped to take on water here with a minimum of two cups. Both Leigh and Richard were out front and this is where I caught up Mike Ottley. I was drained, albeit Mike was more so – “I’ve just got nothing left, my legs are like lead” he muttered as I passed him.

The final 4 miles were a grind for all of us. The heat, dead air and the ‘take me home’ upward slope tried so hard to finish us off. Leigh came in first for the club with an incredible 1:14:24 and 61st finisher. Next home was Richard Dade in 88th with a time of 1:18:42, then Mike Jolly with a time of 1:30:33, followed by Mike Ottley 1:39:50 and Tessa Morgan with a time of 1:48:34.


We all agreed this was one of the hardest races we had entered. Hard it most certainly was and if you set out for a 10 mile training run in this heat you would have completed 4 or 5 miles and gone home. That said, we did all complete it and are better people for it – when the going gets tough, Reepham Runners just get on with it!!

Mike Jolly