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Club Standards Result 2018

posted 27 Jan 2019, 11:56 by Greg Pearson
Thanks to everyone who put in submission for the 2018 standards, these required you to achieve a level over three different distances to get an overall rating. We are changing this in 2019 so you get a rating for every single distance so please do check out the standards page to find out more about how you enter. The 2018 results are: -

Iron Level
Emma Davies
Noel Meeks
Sam Ward

Zinc Level
Olly Constable

Copper Level
Daniel Hobday
Anna Jolly

Bronze Level
Leona Broughton
Helen Dixon
Julie Gowland
Mike Jolly
Charlotte Mears
Greg Pearson
Clare Self
Jonathan Thetford
Stefan White

Silver Level
Jon Beverley
Shayney Blyth
Lee Bryer
Abigail Grand
Andy Hawes
Shaun Hurr
Hilary Peachment
Tim Suswain
Julian Trott

Gold Level
Julie Doughty
Paula Lawson
Mike Ottley
Jenni van Ree