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Bintree Relay Results

posted 28 Aug 2015, 23:15 by Jon Beverley   [ updated 29 Aug 2015, 02:21 ]

The scoring has two objects:

i)  to ensure that every teams' performance contributes to the result.
ii) to penalise clubs which enter a small number of teams and reward those which enter many teams.

Teams are ranked in order of finishing, with the first team ranked as "1"

For the club entering the largest number of teams, their score is the sum of their finishing ranks.

The remaining clubs are given extra, fictional teams to make their number of teams the same as that entered by the club with the largest number of teams.  
These fictional teams are ranked below the slowest real teams.

Applying this system:  Last real team was 12th, so fictional teams are ranked 11th and 12th.

Dereham 3+5+9+10 27 Second
Reepham 2+4+6+11 23 First
Dereham Juniors 1+7+11+12 31 Third
NNBR 7+12+11+12 42 Fourth

This was the 5th time the event has been held.  The course records are held by:
Male: Sean Atterwill (Dereham) 7:42 (2012)
Female: Elizabeth Daly (Dereham) in 09:56 (2012)

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