PEAK DISTRICT 19-21 May 2017

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Once again a group of Reepham Runners headed for the Peak District in May.  This included Jean & Geoff Gowing, Peter and Maxine Gowing, Jo West and Steve Cole, Jenni Egmore and Nick Bowden, Mary, Stew, Owen and Jo Barnes, Pip Crosby and most importantly Ellie the Dog.  Shaun Webb and Leigh Nobes were there as well but decided to keep their distance from where we stayed at Bonsall and were at Matlock – mind you with the hills they faced, I think next year they may be with us!


After the success of last year’s fell runs, marathon and ‘pretend’ half marathon, we thought we would do a similar line up.

We all arrived on Friday afternoon, at varying times.  Jo, Nick and Pippa decided to go to Hayfield for the 3 mile fell run.  So when they left, Pete, Maxine, Geoff, Jean, Jenni and Ellie decided to go to the pub, which turned out to be a really good idea as Shaun and Leigh had been roaming around Bonsall trying to find us and we bumped into them right outside the pub.


After checking out the beer for later we headed back to the cottages to start the BBQ and arrived just as Mary, Stew and the boys turned up, so all good timing.


The fell run, which was 3 miles with about 700m of climb, went well with Nick coming 46th in time of 26:45, and was first in his age group (although he forgot to pick his prize up).  Pip came 78th in a time of 29:10 and Jo came 122nd in a time of 35:12.  They were late back for the BBQ but we did remember to save them some food!


The next day was the ‘pretend’ half marathon.  ‘Pretend’ due to last year entries were filled within a couple of days of opening and none of us managed to enter and as we had accommodation booked we decided to run it anyway.  As it worked really well last year we decided to repeat this year. The route is on the Tissington Trail and the proper race starts at 11 am, so we started at 9.15 am.


The great thing about doing the race this way was that everyone who wanted to run managed to do the distance they wanted.


Pippa, Leigh, Nick, Peter, Mary and Jenni ran the half, Jo did 7 miles, then Steve, Jean and Maxine did about 3 miles (well apart form Maxine who took a wrong turn so ran more like 4!)  Shaun and Geoff were our support on the bikes.


The timing was perfect as just as we finished it started to rain.


That night in the local pub, where Wallace & Karen Gowing meet us to catch up with their family, and meet all of us once again, we had our medal ceremony.  The times for the half were as follows:


Leigh Nobes                1:37

Nick Bowden               1.41

Pippa Crosby               1.41

Peter Gowing               1.42

Mary Floate                 1.59

Jenni Egmore               1.59

Annual Nominations, Club Standards & Christmas Meal

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The annual Christmas Meal took place on Saturday 28 January at Whitwell & Reepham Station.  Mavis Thompson was responsible for a well organised evening with three course meal, live music and interesting speeches!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the food which was followed by an interesing, entertaining speech from our Chair, Phil Cooper, which had everyone in laughter. 

Jenni Egmore then read the winners of the annual nominations that the Club had voted for, which were:

Most Improved Runner, Male            -    Shaun Hurr
Most Improved Runner, Female        -    Vikki Kirk
Volunteer of the Year                       -     Mike Jolly
Best Individual Performance,Male     -    Jon Thetford for 10 half marathons
Best Individual Performance,Female -    Nina Atkinson for Gt Yarmouth Half

For the Round Norfolk Relay, the team captains voted for Charlotte Mears and Greg Quinn.

All of the nominations are in the attached document.

Mike Jolly organised for the first time this year Club Standards, where members had to run 3 races of different lengths and then submit the races and times to Mike.  The standards were awarded at the meal, which was a professional looking certificate and a voucher for a running club top -  from the new range sourced by Carl Willimott.

The evening was finished dancing the night away to the Rock Garden.  Brilliant!

Peak District Weekend 20th May – 23rd May:

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This is annual weekend away for Reepham Runners, but be warned all newbies welcome but it is not for the faint hearted!  Imagine ale, BBQ, cakes, running several times and some more drinking and eating.

The usual Eyam Half Marathon had been cancelled this year, attempts were made to gain entry for multiple runners for the White Peak Half but sadly it was sold out. Jenni Egmore Club Secretary tried valiantly to secure a deal but was rebuffed. So Jenni and Nick decided why not run a large portion of the route before the official race, so that’s what happened on Saturday the 21st May.

In Hayfield nearby a weekend of Fell races occurs every year as well called 3 days in May. It is open to all at a mere cost of between £3-4 per race. Believe me if you knew how much it hurts in advance you probably would not want to pay more! Last year I completed the Saturday race but this year felt compelled to try 2 races, Leigh Nobes entered and completed all 3.

May Queen Race:

Friday night was the first fell race, it’s a relatively 5K tough route, largely off road with some climbs and fabulous views.  Jo West, Jenni Egmore and Mary Float successfully completed this race, alongside Nick Bowden, Sam Kingston and Leigh Nobes.

Nick Bowden


Leigh Nobes


Sam Kingston


Jenni Egmore


Mary Floate


Jo West


Sam Kingston was so taken by the experience he decided to commit to running the second fell race the following morning. He was advised that the Saturday race was considerably harder with 5.5 miles to cover with 1800 ft climbs to the summit. He was not shakable in his decision.

Reepham Runner’s Version of White Peak Half Marathon:

On Saturday Jenni, Mary, Nick B, Chris, Pete, Pip and Jo West for a portion of the route. Well done to all.


Mount Famine Fell Race:

Leigh, Sam and myself completed the Mount Famine Race. The conditions were not great, it was cooler but the terrain is treacherous and with some intermittent rain made things harder especially on the rocks. As per usual local runners sailed down the hills past us but on any flat we could make some headway.  For the first time since I became a runner I obtained a worse time in a same race. However, in the back of my mind I was thinking what about tomorrow’s alleged ‘sprint’ race.

Leigh Nobes


Sam Kingston


Leona Broughton



White Peak Marathon: 

Shaun Webb had entered the White Peak Marathon and with only a few weeks training behind him he hoped for a 3:30 completing time.  Leigh, Sam and I did not even have time to have a cup of tea post the fell race as we hopped in the Discovery to watch him finish. On arrival at the car park we made the decision to run to the finish line, which was the right decision.

As we were hobbling / walk / running we arrived to see him screaming looking strong, with a truly amazing completion time of 3:15.  What a legend! Shaun came 5th in his overall age category not bad for a Norfolk chap.

Later, when we were all rested and recovered a wonderful evening ensued with great food and drink and lovely company. Jenni had gone to great lengths to ensure all runners who had raced received a medal, which was a very thoughtful and welcome gesture.


Lantern Pike Dash:

Leigh and myself entered this ‘dash’ which is almost a mile and quarter in total with a 600 ft climb. You literally run (walk / bear crawl / complain) up to a monument then sprint (slide / feel the fear) the way back down.

Despite the build up of lactic acid in our quads especially and our general dread when we had an opportunity to survry the route – the monument was a dot on the horizon at the top of a large hill.

It was a ‘dash’ start with stiles to jump over and rivers to cross – by the time I reached the top Leigh was probably nearly home.  A local runner assured me that I needed a secret weapon to help with the downhill. Intrigued I asked for more advice only to realize that he had stashed an empty cement bag down his shorts and proceeded to slide down the hill! I took a few tumbles (my legs were very tired) and slide down without so much control.

Leigh Nobes


Leona Broughton


It was an amazing achievement to complete the fell races, it’s a very different type of running but it is friendly and all local clubs were welcoming to us from Norfolk.  The main problem is the training needed is very difficult to replicate locally. Perhaps next year Ill enter all three.

Sunday was spent resting or travelling back home. Myself, Leigh and Shaun enjoyed an afternoon dirty burger and pints of shandy and tried to ignore all the strange looks we got as we tried to perform basic human functions such as walk, get in and out of the car.

Why put ourselves and bodies through it??  Because you only live once and experiences are everything. Plus it’s amazing what mentally and physically each of us is capable of!

Congratulations to Leigh Nobes who ranked 22nd overall for the 3 Days in May races. 

5K Time Trial Results

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On Tuesday 12th July we had the pleasure of a 5K time trial along Marriotts Way. The trial started close to Kerry's Pine and saw 34 runners (including Leona) head out in 4 groups 5 minutes between each group. At 2.5K, marked with a yellow stake and a cone under the 2nd bridge (Phil was very specific about this!) all runners then turned back on themselves for the return journey. 

Well done to all those who took part, including Leona who was full of cold but still managed to start, and a big thank you to Phil and Pippa for being the 'official' organisers.

Dereham 10 Miles – 8th May 2016

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The fifth round of the Leathes Prior Grand Prix series took us to Dereham for their annual 10-mile race. The weather was due to be fine with sunshine. The lead up to the race had seen temperatures try so hard to reach double Celsius figures with 5°C and 6°C being the norm. Richard Dade, Mike Ottley, Leigh Nobes, Tessa Morgan and I were the five Reepham Runners to contest this one with John Morgan giving huge support and official photographer; Craig Farr put in an appearance at the start but his BBQ was calling.

However, upon leaving at 0900 in the morning my car registered 16°C outside temperature and 20°C when I arrived at Dereham – it was getting hot.

The first 3 miles are effectively sloped downwards and we ran into a light head breeze with Dade and Nobes leading the way, followed by Ottley, then me and Tessa completing the Reepham Runners. The water station at 2.5 miles was much needed with fluids taken on by all because at 3 miles we turned left into a country lane with high hedges and no head wind. To say the heat was sapping was an understatement – the next 3 miles took it out of all of us. The temperature had risen to 24°C and was energy sapping. This was not helped by an extended run to the next water station at 6 miles. I think we all stopped to take on water here with a minimum of two cups. Both Leigh and Richard were out front and this is where I caught up Mike Ottley. I was drained, albeit Mike was more so – “I’ve just got nothing left, my legs are like lead” he muttered as I passed him.

The final 4 miles were a grind for all of us. The heat, dead air and the ‘take me home’ upward slope tried so hard to finish us off. Leigh came in first for the club with an incredible 1:14:24 and 61st finisher. Next home was Richard Dade in 88th with a time of 1:18:42, then Mike Jolly with a time of 1:30:33, followed by Mike Ottley 1:39:50 and Tessa Morgan with a time of 1:48:34.


We all agreed this was one of the hardest races we had entered. Hard it most certainly was and if you set out for a 10 mile training run in this heat you would have completed 4 or 5 miles and gone home. That said, we did all complete it and are better people for it – when the going gets tough, Reepham Runners just get on with it!!

Mike Jolly

Nominations for 2015 awards

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Most Improved Runner for 2015 – Male



Most Improved Male Runner


1st place - Matt Phelps – 6

2nd place -  Mike Grand – 3




Other Nominations received


Steve Plackett – 1

Mal Taylor – 1

Nick Bowden – 1

Phil Cooper – 1

John Morgan – 1

Carl Willimott – 1

Craig Farr – 1

Jack Barker - 1


Most Improved Runner for 2015 – Female



Most Improved Female Runner


1st  place - Shayney Blyth – 5

2nd place - Leona Broughton – 3


Other Nominations received

Hayley Thompson – 2

Mavis Thompson – 2 (2 mins of park run time)

Julie Wade – 1


Volunteer of the Year (not a Committee Member)




Volunteer of the Year


Joint 1st - Geoff Gowing – 3

Joint 1st - Jean Gowing – 3

Joint 2nd - Maree Latham – 2

Joint 2nd - Binks Neate-Evans -2


Other Nominations received

Clem Vogler – 1

(Vikki Kirk – 1)

Richard Bulman – 1


Best Performance at the Round Norfolk Relay

(as chosen by Team Captain)



Richard Bulman



Best Individual Performance – Male



Best Individual Male Performance


1st place -Dom Blake (RNR & Nch Half) – 3

2nd place - Nick Bowden (overall) – 2



Other Nominations received

Shaun Hurr – 1

Richard Bulman – 1

Craig Farr (breaking 20 mins at Wroxham 5k) – 1

Shaun Webb for Worstead 5 mile run – 1

Phil Cooper – 1

Rob Groves (half marathons) – 1

Mal Taylor (RNR%) – 1


Best Individual Performance – Female



Best Individual Female Performance


1st place - Pippa Crosby – 3

Joint 2nd place - Binks Neate-Evans (London Marathon) – 2

Joint 2nd place - Natalie Southgate (12 marathons in yr) – 2

Joint 2nd place - Julie Wade – 2



Other Nominations received

Leona Broughton (fell run & hare & hound) – 1

Nina Atkinson (Marriotts Way 10k) – 1

Liz Harris (3rd place age category Wroxham 5k) – 1





Thames Meander Marathon

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On Saturday 12 March 2016, Richard Bulman completed the “Thames Meander Marathon” in a time of 4 hours 30 minutes. The race started from the YMCA in Kingston upon Thames and the route was nice and flat being next to the River Thames for the whole course, although there were many puddles and muddy bits. Thousands of rugby fans in Richmond, all enjoying a pint or four before the England Wales rugby match that day proved to be an unexpected obstacle.

Richard had not done a marathon for over 2 years but decided to struggle through one more to help granddaughter Emily reach her £6,000 target to buy Great Ormond Street a new ECG machine as a thank you for how well she was looked after when she had open heart surgery at the age of 7 (she is now 10). Richard would like to thank all those who supported him during training, and the many people who were kind enough to sponsor him.

Freethorpe 10

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Report by: Leona McConnell

Freethorpe 10 Miler: 31st January 2016: 

After the Hare & Hounds high I experienced, I was encouraged to consider Freethorpe 10.  I considered it momentarily and applied in unison with Shaun and Leigh.  Shortly, afterwards I realised with some horror that it was a 10 mile race not a 10K as I first thought. In response I was told ‘ you have done 8 miles cross country you can easily do 10 on the road… no excuses.” 

After nearly two years as a Reepham Runner and 2 years of saying most weeks, I hate long distance, I would rather run a short distance and fast… there I was committed to 10 long miles. 

I had approx 4 weeks to get into some sort of shape or mindset. I decided to run a couple of 8.5 milers and overall they went ok, although I was becoming noticeably slower. 

I decided rest and less is best. 

I brought some new trainers a week before the race – against all the recommended advice. But they were replicas of trainers I had already had used before, so I added my old liners and ran 3 miles in them without any problem. 

I experimented with some energy gels; there is some much choice available it’s a mind field.    I took one with caffeine and had what could only be described as a dissociative experience, but I flew the last mile and half on an 8 mile run. I did come crashing down an hour or so later.  So, I opted for two gels on race day both without caffeine hoping the sugar hit would aid my performance. 

I went out to a party the night before, danced for hours and drank beer. All of which is not really recommended the night before a race but I was tucked up and hydrated by midnight. 

Then we were off to Freethorpe, it was a rainy day I was feeling pretty despondent about the whole event, had I trained enough? Should I wear my new trainers? What if the energy gels mess up my stomach? 

Anyway after a warm welcome by fellow Reepham Runners it was starting time. I had a minor emergency a minute before the start when my sports bra came undone – fortunately the boys were on hand to help and I decided racing with an undone sports bra was worth my modesty. 

Leigh had kindly lent me a watch to help with my pacing and ran the first ½ mile with me however I was keen for him to race properly and shooed him off. 

I surprised myself, I felt strong up to @ 8.5 miles, I had chewed 2 energy gels which had made me feel good and I am sure assisted my performance.  The route was pleasant a mix of villages, rivers and some mini hills.  Other runners were friendly and the course was well marshalled. 

I hit mile 9 and trotted along behind a couple that had just returned from New York, chatting with no obvious effort required. I was tired but determined to finish. I turned into the village at the 400-metre mark and glanced at my watch for the 500th time – I had hoped to finish in under 1 hour 25 minutes. I saw a group of green and then heard shouts of encouragement “its 124….” I tried to run faster, it took every fibre of my being to round the corner and attempt a sprint finish. I heard my name being called as I approached the finish line, which pushed me on. 

Then it was done – I had completed 10 miles, it had gone well!! Somehow I had smashed over 2 minutes of my best 10K time and had run every mile at around a steady 8:25. The sense of achievement took a while to sink it.  

It got me thinking… perhaps it does not matter what shoes you wear, what energy gels you use, how much beer you drink the night before. 

Maybe it’s more about your mindset – is it stubbornness? Or determination? 

Or it could it be being part of something, gaining encouragement and support from others. Or is it being part of a club that sense of belonging that makes the difference? 

Well done to all who completed Freethorpe 10. 

Special congratulations to Mike Ottley who came first in his age category finishing in 1 hour 22 mins. 

4201:05:37Shaun WebbReepham RunnersMV 40 to 4465701:05:34
11101:12:03Leigh NobesReepham RunnersM Senior65801:11:43
14101:14:17Andrew HawesReepham RunnersM Senior46801:14:17
17901:16:03Carl WillimottReepham RunnersMV 40 to 4427801:15:43
22801:19:05Craig FarrReepham RunnersMV 40 to 44101:18:44
24301:20:05Mike JollyReepham RunnersMV 45 to 4929201:19:44
27801:22:09Mike OttleyReepham RunnersMV 70+63901:22:03
31901:25:00Leona BroughtonReepham RunnersFV 35 to 3965901:24:40

Watford Half Marathon

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Report by Jonathan Thetford.

Richard Bulman and myself today undertook Watford Half Marathon. A 10.30am start time, meant that we were on the road from Reepham at 6.30am.

Once into Watford we were parked and into Race HQ for just after 9am. 

Watford Harriers had sold out on this Half Marathon with nearly 2,000 entries. The majority of which were club runners, although we didn't bump into anyone from our part of the world.

On Watford Harriers website, the course is describe as undulating. However, when I looked at the course profile it was more like 'very hilly', which proved to be true.

At least 6 to 7 long steep climbs along the route meant that any chance of a PB was off the cards. However, I came in at 2:01:30 and Richard just a few minutes after, receiving a nice medal and tech t-shirt.

A bite to lunch in Watford, along with the obligatory pint of bitter and we were back on the road.

A long day, but nice to get the first Half Marathon under our belts for 2016.

Hare and Hounds

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26th December 2015: Report by Leona Broughton

Imagine an indulgent Christmas with all the trimmings including cheese, wine and meat. 

Imagine 0745 Boxing Day when you find yourself in a Cheerleader outfit with your trail running shoes on waiting for your lift to pick you up. The moment arrives when you peek out of the window and see fellow Cheerleaders waiting for you, you think to yourself “Are we really going to do this”. The next second I am out of the door in the car and we are on our way to Felthorpe. 

We arrive just gone 8am in a small village, I feel a bit silly in my Cheerleader outfit but this is short lived; as soon as we enter the Village Hall we are surrounded by runners dressed in a array of crazy, inspired outfits. I consider ours momentarily and decide at least it will easier to run in when compared to others. 

After registration and team photos, we Vaseline our feet, legs and anywhere else it is needed and get ready to start. It’s a handicapped race and we are the 17th team out of 19 to go, a staggering 34 minutes behind the first. I know I am slowest in the team so the pressure is on to attempt to keep up with the boys.

We start off running through the playing fields and on the road, already overtaken by fellow Reepham Runners ‘ The Big Tenors’.  We enter the woods and it’s usual cross country terrain, some stumps to watch out for, logs to jump over but minimal mud. 

We reach approx 3.5 miles and I hear myself saying out loud “I don’t feel too bad and we are almost half way”. Then we hit the mud, more like the mud hits us! It gets everywhere, it’s up to my hips, I cannot get my feet up and we end up holding hands dragging each other out.  Then we hit the Drewary this is unbelievably hard, and of course there is a photographer there to capture the moment. 

The mud stinks, its heavy, its impenetrable and following Nick B’s lead I force myself to immerse my hands and arms and crawl.  Crawling in mud is not easy, it wears your entire body out, but I discovered that I was good at it in comparison to the boys so for the first time since the start I overtook them! 

We then ran on, me feeling a bit fatigued but not being allowed to walk (thanks to Nick B the task master). 

Then I lose track of the race, there were ditches that we had to throw ourselves in and heave each other out of; rivers that we ran down.  We got into a rhythm, Nick B first, Shaun next to ascertain the depth, then me so they could pull me out followed by Leigh or James. 

There were more fields, more mud, we overtook gnomes, crayons, a bear, an evening party and pirates to name a few! 

By mile 7 I was tired; I had fallen over a few times mainly on stumps in the woods. I was wobbling around at times and remember being told to ‘pick my feet up and keep running’.

Finally, we were out of the woods, back on a road. I was being told that the end was in sight. Then there we were - proud Cheerleaders from Reepham Runners running in to victory. I somehow managed to find an energy burst to sprint the last few metres leaving the boys behind much to their shock! I have since been called a ‘Glory Hunter’. 

But on a serious note, it was such fun (and for charity), I had never participated in a team race before and without all the boys I would not have made it to the end. They all helped me whether it was by shouting instructions, to kind supportive words or when they were pulling and pushing me out of ditches.  

They were patient as I was the slowest team member but we came in 10th which overall is a good position. 

Would I do it again next year? Definitely! I will consider wearing gloves though as the stinky mud is a nightmare to get out of your nails! 

Thanks to Nick Bowden, James Beadle, Leigh Nobes and Shaun Webb my fellow Cheerleaders. 

Lastly, well done to Carl Willimott, Richard Dade and team (including Craig Farr who unfortunately sustained an injury so was unable to complete the race) who secured position 6.

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