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Committee Members

 Chairperson:  Philip Cooper  07552 767983
 Secretary:  Jenni Egmore  01603 308192
 Treasurer:  Vikki Kirk  
 Lead Trainer:  Nick Bowden
 Club Kit:  Andy Hawes  07835 432461
 Website/Media:  Greg Pearson

Joining the club

How to join us!  

No pressure (to start with :) ) ... run with us a few times first. And then, if you like us: 

                                 Club Rules                                                  Membership form


Download a membership form (or ask Phil, Vikki or Jenni  for a copy), complete it, and hand it in person together with a cheque (£35, £30 if you are an OAP or full time student & finally £1 for non running members) - payable to Reepham Runners - to any club officer: Phil Cooper, Vikki Kirk or Jenni Egmore. They will then be responsible for making sure that the form is processed.

When joining the Club you will receive a free Club t-shirt or vest.

You may then start entering events as a Reepham Runners affiliated runner, don the esteemed club lime-green vest, and so forth. Once your membership is ratified* (usually at the next club meeting) you may then attend and vote at subsequent meetings. 


Renewal of Membership

From the last AGM, the fee for membership renewal was confirmed as £25 (or £20 for OAPs and students).  Membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March each year.   This can be paid by cash or cheque (made out to Reepham Runners) or BACS (ask Jenni or Vikki for details).  When renewing the membership renewal form needs completing and giving to Jenni or Vikki.   Click here for renewal form


*The club reserves the right to cancel your membership, by decision at a general meeting (for any reason or none) - with return of your fee - at any stage.