Club Championship 2019


posted 5 minutes ago by Greg Pearson
At our recent Committee Meeting we decided that we would run a club championship. The finer details are being determined at the moment but your performance at any or all of the events will be weighted by age percentage.
We have decided to target the following races as our championship events: -

  • North Norfolk Beach Runners - Worstead 5 miles
  • Coltishall Jaguars - Scottow Sundowner 5 km
  • Coltishall Jaguars - Jolly Jaguars 10km
Do not miss out on your chance to compete you can enter:
  • Scottow Sundowner today by clicking here 
  • Worstead by clicking here 
  • Jolly Jaguars by clicking here
Next year we will be adding the Ringland Half Marathon to our list of events.