Come run with us

You are enthusiastically invited to run with us! - Just when the government says we can!

We have three scheduled runs a week to choose from. So you can do as much or as little as you would like. The sessions are....

On Sunday mornings, for all club members and relatively confident newcomers and visitors: throughout the year - rain or shine - at 08.20 for an 08.30 start. We meet to run at the Pavillion, Stimpson's Piece Recreation Ground off Bartle Court, which is situated on Station Road.  Click here for a map here showing exactly how to find us. You can park right where we meet. We then split up into pairs, threes or foursomes wanting to cover a similar distance at a similar pace.  On average, the mix of small groups ranges from some wanting to cover three or four miles at about 11-minute-mile pace, to some running 10+ miles at about 8-minute-mile pace.  

Map to find us. Toilets and parking available

On Tuesday evenings, for all club members and all newcomers and visitors: We run two efforts sessions one starting at 1730 the other at 1830. Both meet on Stimpson's Piece near the pavillion. Come rain or shine,  light or dark. There is plenty of parking. Our Tuesday evening sessions offer more structured training sessions with a coach and are very suitable for absolutely all standards. These are designed to assist you develop all aspects of your running

On Thursday evenings during the summer months 18:30 at Stimpson's Piece Recreation Ground for a hill session, around the local roads or at Blickling for various routes depending on your ability. Max one hour. 

In the winter months we run two sessions; one starting from the car park next to the Doctors Surgery off Sandy Lane in Taverham at 1810, this is a hilly route of 5.2 miles. The second route starts at 1800 from Stimpson's Piece in Reepham and is a two lap 4.8 mile route around the town.  Watch the diary for when the location changes, it is normal at the beginning of October. 

It should be emphasised that running clubs in general are much less competitive than people usually imagine, and that we are about the least competitive club around. Most of us run for fun and for fitness with very modest objectives, if any, beyond that.  So, if you are a beginner, you are unlikely to find yourself out of your depth or feeling intimidated.  If you are an experienced, wispy, elite runner then we would also love for you to run with us … but we cannot promise we'll keep up!

There is no charge to run.  After you have come along a few times and decided to make a habit of it, then we will expect you to become a member. Club membership initially costs £35 per year (£30 for OAPs and full-time students) and includes a vest or t-shirt.  Renewal is then £25 or £15.  We are affiliated to ARC and England Athletics. There is an additional fee (£15) if you want to be an England Athletics member. In many races (especially locally) your membership of Reepham Runners will entitle you run as an “affiliated runner”, with a reduced entry fee.


Phil (07552767983) 

Jenni (01603 308192) 

to ask about the sessions and/or tell us that you plan to come along. Very occasionally there are weeks when nobody will be running (usually because there is a popular local race on), so by calling you'll avoid these. 

Junior runners

To date, The Reepham Runners can only cater for Senior and Veteran runners (Runners over the age of 18). We would like to be able to cater better for Junior runners, but being such a small club there are practical difficulties that prevent us. Local Clubs that cater for Junior athletes are City of Norwich (CONAC), Norwich Road Runners (Saturday morning club with Alma) and Dereham Runners.

Running With Dogs

Association of Running Clubs, who Reepham Runners are affiliated to, have produced a procedure for running with dogs, which has been adopted by the Club.